With one in three women and one in four men, over the age of 60 requiring residential care, a Long-Term Care Policy is a great way to alleviate the potential financial burden you may be faced with should you require assisted living in the future.

Whilst the NHS is fantastic at providing medical care during hospital stays, sadly, for most of us it falls short when it comes to assisted living. If you have assets exceeding £22,500 the financial responsibility of your own long-term care will rest solely on your own shoulders.

A Long-Term Care Policy is designed to protect you and your family from the financial burden of assisted living whilst allowing you to retain your assets. For those of us that are eligible for NHS financial assistance, it’s worth noting that whilst care will be provided there may be a significant shortfall between the cost of your chosen nursing home and the funding provided by the state. In any instance, a Long-Term Care Policy is a wise investment when it comes to protecting yourself from the possibility of financial hardship in your old age.

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